Frequently Asked Questions


Question – What is the benefit for me to use this service?

Answer –  Life Tech Assist has been established to provide you with an independent non-biased response to your insurance queries as we are not affiliated or sponsored by any insurer.  Our goal is to guide and assist you in providing the best solution for your client. Our extensive knowledge have assisted many advisers with general underwriting queries, product knowledge, claims handling processes and likely scenarios.


Question – My client has an unusual occupation can they be insured?

Answer – The beauty of being impartial to any insurer is that Life Tech Assist through their enormous wealth of knowledge and experience can guide you the most likely insurer to take on that occupation.


Question – Can you help me with information regarding insurance through an industry fund?

Answer – Yes!!  Life Tech Assist  are technical specialists for life insurance of retail insurers, insurance within Industry Funds, and Direct Insurance.  In becoming a member of Life Tech Assist you will receive a full set of individually researched fact sheets for each industry fund and Direct insurer which will provide you with their current insurance offer.


Question – A claim submission has been declined, can I get a second opinion?

Answer – Of course!!  We strongly encourage that you get a second opinion and as a result we have been able to assist advisers with client payouts of more than $100M of lump sum payments and over $10M of income protection payments.  It always pays to have a second opinion.


Question – My client needs business insurance, where do I start?

Answer – We are more than happy to take on those queries and provide you with a step by step process.


Question – My client has been diagnosed with specific condition, should we put in a claim?

Answer – Many of those questions have come across our desk and are happy to provide you with guidance.


Question – What is the Resource Centre?

Answer – We often receive requests from advisers for material to use with their clients or requests for education guides and insurance calculators. Our Resource Centre provides you with access to everything you need which is all placed in one location saving you time and effort.




Membership Questions


Question – I have a Monthly Membership, do I have to renew each month?

Answer – No, your membership will automatically renew until you decide to cancel it.


Question – How can I update my profile details, email address or change my password?

Answer – Simply log into your your membership page, there you’ll be able to update your details, change your password and view your membership level.


Question – Unfortunately, I have to cancel my membership, how can I do that?

Answer – While we’ll be sad to lose you as a Member, we understand that circumstances change. Simply log into your your membership page, choose “Cancel” and confirm that you really want to cancel. Monthly billing will then stop and you’ll no longer have access to our ‘Membership Only’ materials.



About David

Having been in the Life Insurance industry since 1986, I am still very passionate that ordinary Australians obtain adequate life insurance protection and the appropriate advice from their financial planner.   From working for various Life Insurance companies and fulfilling roles as an underwriter, claims manager and all facets of the administration of life insurance policies to working as a Life Insurance Broker for ten years.

For the last fifteen years I have been the national insurance manager with some major dealer groups in which I was providing life insurance technical education and support to their advice network.  These roles has also enabled me to establish and maintain strong working relationships with our retail life insurer partners.

Outside of work I am an active crew member of our local VMR  (Voluntary Marine Rescue – Whitsundays) and always keen to get out on the water for a fish.

David Spiteri